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Latin phrases and expressions english

A contrario sensu. In the opposite direction.

A fortiori. The more reason.

A novo. Again.

A pari. A simili. For the same reason. By similarity.

Pro rata. In proportion.

A quo. Of which

A vero domino. By the true owner.

A vulgo, non a lege inventa. Invented by the vulgar, not by law.

Ab absurdo. By absurdity.

Ab aeterno. From eternity.

Ab initio. From the beginning.

Ab intestato. Without testament.

Ab irato. Out of anger.

Ab origine. From the origin.

Ab utroque part. On both sides.

Abolitio generalis. General abolition.

Abolitio specialis. Special abolition.

Actio ab irato. Action of anger.

Actio bonae fidei. Action in good faith.

Actio quae ex aequo et bono introduta est. Action that was introduced for equity and good.

Actio quae pro rei vindicationem. Action in favor of the claim of the thing.

Ad abundatiorem cautelam. For more abundant care.

Ad arbitrium boni viri. According to the discretion of a good man.

Ad arbitrium judicis. At the discretion of the judge.

Ad extraneous largitates. To strange prodigalities.

Ad ferenda matrimonii onera. To carry the burdens of marriage.

Ad hoc. For that matter

Ad infinitum. To infinity.

Ad interim. Temporarily.

Ad libitum. At will.

Ad litem. For the proceeding.

Ad majorem securitatem. For greater security.

Ad natum. According to the state of present things.

Ad oblectamentum et non ad quaestum. For delight and not to profit.

Ad pedem litterae. Verbatim.

Ad perpetuam rei memorian. In perpetual memory of the thing.

Ad probandum tantum. Only to test.

Ad probationem. For the test.

Ad quem. Before which.

Ad solemnitatem. For the solemnity.

Ad substantiam actus. For the substance of the act.

Ad summum. At most.

Ad usum. According to the use.

Adipiscendae possessionis causa. To achieve because of possession.

Adversus bonos mores. Against good manners.

Aequitatis ratione. Because of equity.

Aequo animo. With equal spirit.

Affectio societatis. Condition of society.

Alegatio falsi. False plea.

Alibi natus. Born elsewhere.

Alieni juris. To the rights of others.

Alieno juri subjectus. Subjected to the rights of others.

Alieno nomine detinenti. Taken in someone else’s name.

Aliud pro alio. One for another.

Aliunde. From elsewhere.

Alterius detrimento. To the detriment of another.

Alterum non laedere. Not to cause harm to another.

Altius non tollendi. Not to excel higher.

Animalia dominio nostro subjecta. The animals submitted to our power.

Animo donandi. With the intention of donating.

Animo lucri faciendi. With the intention of making profit.

Animo nocendi, non utilitatis causa. For the purpose of causing harm, not for the sake of utility.

Animus abutendi. With the intention to abuse.

Ante factum. Faced with the fact.

A.M. Before noon.

Apex juris The greatness of the right.

Appelatio a minimum. Appeal of the smallest part.

Audi alteram partem. Listen to the other party.

Beatus qui possidet. Blessed is he who possesses.

Benigna juris interpretatione. For a benign interpretation of the law.

Bona quae non moveri possunt. Goods that can not be moved.

Bona quae servare necesse est. Goods that need to be conserved

Brevi temporis spatio. In a short space of time.

Casus deficientis voluntatis et potestatis. Case of deficient will and power.

Causa donandi. For cause of donation.

Cognita cause. For known cause.

Collegium opificum. Craftsmen’s school.

Communio pro undivided. Community by indivision.

Communis opinio. Common opinion.

Conditio causa non secuta. Complaint, cause not followed.

Conditio sine qua non. Condition without which [there is] nothing.

Conscius fraudis Aware of fraud.

Consensus omnium. Consent of all.

Contra bonos mores. Against good manners.

Contra naturali stimulos facit. Against natural feelings.

Coram populo. In front of the people.

Culpa lata. Great guilt.

Culpa levissima. Very light guilt.

Cum voluero. Whenever I want.

Curriculum vitae. Life career.

Damnum injuria datum. Damage given by injury.

Dare rem pro re. Give something in exchange for another thing.

From damni vatando. Of a damage that should be avoided.

De die ad diem. From day to day

De jure belli ac pacis. Of the right of war and peace.

De jure. Of right.

De quantitate ad quantitatem. From quantity to quantity.

De re ad rem. From one thing to another.

De visu et de auditu. By sight and hearing.

Debitor is est qui debet. Debtor is the one who owes.

Debitum pro debito. Due for what is due.

Defensores civitatis. Defenders of the city.

Dies nefasti. Nefarious days.

Diligens paterfamilias. Diligent family father.

Divitio inter amicos. Division among friends.

Domus aedificadoda. House that must be built.

Dura lex sed lex. Hard law, but still law.

Ea res facti, non juris est. This is a matter of fact, not of law.

Eadem est ratio. The reason is the same.

Ego hoc falsum puto. I think this is false.

Eodem tempore. At the same time.

Errare humanun est. To err is human.

Erunt duo in carne una. They will be two in one flesh.

Esse in rerum natura. Be in the nature of things.

Etiam manu militari. Even with a military hand.

Ex abrupto. Abruptly.

Ex aequeo et bono. For equity and kindness.

Ex certa conscientia. By true conscience.

Ex consensus. By consent.

Ex diversa causa. For a different cause.

Ex duobus malis, minimum elegre. Choose the lesser of two evils.

Ex jure alieno. By rights of others.

Ex necessitate officii. By necessity of the duty.

Ex nunc et tunc. From now and then.

Ex officio pietatis. Out of the duty of mercy.

Ex officio. Out of the duty.

Ex post facto. For a later event.

Ex potestate legis By the power of the law.

Ex profeso. With intentionality.

Ex propria autoritate. By own authority.

Ex proprio jure. Own right.

Ex ratione legis. By reason of the law.

Ex vi legis. By virtue of the law.

Exceptis ope. For reason of exceptions.

Facti magis quam juris quaestio est. The matter is more of fact than of law.

Fas est, jus non est. It is allowed, it is not right.

Filius, ergo haeres. Son, then heir.

Foedus matrimonii. The pact of marriage.

Foenebre malum. Relative to bad usury.

Forum delicti commissi. Offense committed.

Fragilitas naturae suae. Fragility of its nature.

Fraudationis causes latitans. Hidden cause of fraud.

Fraus omnia corrumpit. Fraud corrupts everything.

Gratia argumentandi. For the sake of arguing.

Gravis testis. Strong witness.

Grosso modo. Somewhat

Habemus confitentem reum. We have a confessing inmate.

Haereditas ab intestato. Inheritance without testament.

Hoc loco. Here.

Homo diligens, forensium rerum expers. Diligent man, expert in forensic things.

Homo simplicitate gaudens. Man who enjoys simplicity.

Ibid. Right there.

Id quod plerumque fieri solet. What is most often done.

Ille qui causam auctoris habet. He who has the title of author.

Immodico price. For excessive price.

In absentia. In absence.

In abstracto. In the abstract

In actu. In the act.

In articulo mortis. In the imminence of death.

In casu consimili. In similar case.

In compluribus aliis causis. In many other cases.

In dubiis causis. In doubtful cases.

In extremis. In case of death.

In fine. Finally.

In flagrante delicto. In flagrante delicto.

In communi form. In common form.

In fraudem legis. In fraud of the law.

In infinitum. To infinity.

In praesenti. In the present.

In principio. At the beginning.

In rerum natura. In the nature of things.

In singulos annos, vel menses, vel dies. In each of the years, months or days.

In situ. In the place.

In solidum. In solidarity.

In status quo ante. In the same state as before.

In tempore oportuno. At the right time.

In verbis. In words.

Intentio legis. Intention of the law.

Inutilis stipulatio. Useless stipulation.

Invito domino. Against the will of the owner.

Ipso facto. In the same act.

Iter criminis. Criminal path.

Judex idoneus. Suitable judge.

Jura sua fueri. To defend their rights.

Jure et facto. Of right and fact.

Jure militari. By military right.

Jure proprio. Own right.

Jure sanguinis. By right of blood.

Juris et de jure. By right and by law.

Jus belli ac pacis. Right of war and peace.

Jus domini. Right of the owner.

Jus fruendi. Right of enjoyment.

Jus Gentium. Right of People.

Jus habendi. Right to have.

Jus persequendi in judicio quod sibi debetur. The right to pursue in court what is owed to oneself.

Jus preferendi. Right to prefer.

Jus privatum. Private right.

Jus publicum. Public Law.

Jus quod jussum est. Right that has been ordered.

Jus sanguinis Right of blood.

Jus utendi. Right to use.

Justa causa. For just cause.

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